Dumb: Living Without A Voice

Find Dumb in a Library Purchase Dumb via Bookshop Title: Dumb: Living without a Voice Author: Georgia Webber Illustrator: Georgia Webber Primary Health Topic: Loss of Voice Secondary Health Topic(s): Throat Injury, Disability Special Considerations: N/A Publication Date: August 7, 2018 Publisher: Fantagraphics ISBN: 9781683961161 GM Review: Review by Kevin Wolf Annotation: Originally published as a series of mini-comics, Georgia Webber’s Dumb: Living Without A Voice is a brilliant work of comics memoir, using the freedom of the medium to illustrate the experience of losing one’s voice. Webber uses color (red) and collage to show not only the physical pain of her condition, but the emotional, psychic pain that comes from losing … Continue reading Dumb: Living Without A Voice