El Deafo

Find El Deafo in a Library Purchase El Deafo via Bookshop Title: El Deafo Author: Cece Bell Illustrator: Cece Bell (with colors by David Lasky) Primary Health Topic: Hearing Loss Secondary Health Topic(s): Hearing Aids, Stigma, Deafness Special Considerations: N/A Publication Date: September 4, 2014 Publisher: Abrams ISBN: 9781419712173 GM Review: Guest Review by Elna McIntosh Annotation: El Deafo is a memoir directed at a younger audience, but an enjoyable read for all ages. Cece Bell is four when she gets meningitis and as a result has hearing loss. The depictions of her losing her hearing and how she perceives sound are poignant. She gets a hearing aid, which at … Continue reading El Deafo