Find Mis(h)adra in a Library Purchase Mis(h)adra via Bookshop Title: Mis(h)adra Author: Iasmin Omar Ata Illustrator: Iasmin Omar Ata Primary Health Topic: Epilepsy Secondary Health Topic(s): Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression Special Considerations: N/A Publication Date: October 3, 2017 Publisher: Gallery 13 ISBN: 9781501162107 GM Review: N/A Annotation: Few conditions have a history wrought with superstition, misunderstanding, and outright hostility the way that epilepsy does – and that is the topic at hand in Iasmin Omar Ata’s Mis(h)adra. The story follows the daily life of Arab-American Isaac and his struggles to live a functional college student life while managing his epilepsy, a task that is complicated at every turn by a healthcare system that doesn’t … Continue reading Mis(h)adra