Find Wrinkles in a Library Purchase Wrinkles via Bookshop Title: Wrinkles (Original Spanish title: Arrugas) Author: Paco Roca Illustrator: Paco Roca Primary Health Topic: Alzheimer’s Disease Secondary Health Topic(s): Aging Special Considerations: N/A Publication Date: July 26, 2016 (Originally published in 2007) Publisher: Fantographics ISBN: 9781606999325 GM Review: Guest Review by Martha Cornog Annotation: Wrinkles is a fictional narrative originally published in Spanish with the title, Arrugas. The English edition published by Fantagraphics is translated by Erica Mena. The main character, Ernest, has been losing memories due to Alzheimer’s disease. The story follows him and a company of other older people at a care facility as they age and die. It … Continue reading Wrinkles